Deaf Access Solutions

Setting the standard for excellence in communication access.

The entire Deaf Access Solutions (DAS) team is truly excited to be sponsoring this amazing educational virtual experience for Deaf/HOH professionals like you! My name is Jill Owens Brick, Director of Consumer Relations and Quality Assurance at DAS. DAS – established in 2002 – is an Deaf/HOH eco-friendly company that provides premier sign language interpreting and CART/captioning services. DAS has grown over these many years and now provides over 150,000 hours of service annually across the country. This growth happened because of DAS’ philosophy in providing nothing but the best – that means interpreters who are both nationally certified AND internally screened to ensure the highest quality! As you can imagine, not every certified interpreter passes our rigorous screening. However, fortunately for you, our consumers, when you get an interpreter from us, you can rest assured that every interpreter is of the highest quality.  We also know that not every interpreter, even with the highest standards is a good fit for every consumer; therefore, we work very hard at honoring your preferred interpreters as well as not sending interpreters you have communicated to not have again (DNS’s). 

DAS provides services 24/7/365 for any type of interpreting setting under the sun. We have certified interpreters on reserve to cover even those many last-minute requests or to replace an interpreter who might be out sick. This backup system ensures you have support, regardless of the circumstances – where DAS maintains a fill rate of 99.9% – all with those highly qualified nationally certified interpreters. 

We recognize and understand our place in Deaf ecosystem. We strongly believe in giving back to the communities we serve and support – the Deaf/Hard of Hearing and interpreting communities. We seek out ways to give back through pro bono interpreting hours annually provided to all local Deaf/HOH metro DC organizations, sponsorships of events like this one, fundraisers, and so many more forms of community relations. We’ve been involved with local and national deaf/HOH and interpreting organizations for many years, and will continue to do so because we pride ourselves on giving back to the community.  

We also believe in contributing to the professional development for our interpreters. As the community evolves, the profession changes shape to align with the current Deaf and Hard of Hearing communities’ need/wants in terms of professional, social, ethical changes. We sponsor a number of interpreters workshops, conferences, and other event. As well, DAS provides quarterly professional workshops to again raise the bar in personal and professional growth.  

As many of you know, DAS has been a longtime supporter of DIG. And we are extremely proud to again be supporting DIG as a Bronze sponsor of this year’s DIG conference. We wish you all a wonderful conference and look forward to all the amazing things to come as a result of this conference! Thank you so much from all of us at DAS!