The Early Retirement Trend

Abstract: Armed with contemporary financial knowledge, you will become more prepared to achieve retirement on your terms.

Summary: The theme for the Deaf In Government conference this year: The Power of You, got my attention since it fits my philosophy in life. Bank of America (BOA) actually has a similar theme for their current campaign- “What would you like the power to do?”, which reflects their focus on supporting local communities in thriving.The company is expanding its partnerships and programs in order to address issues fundamental to economic mobility all across the United States. BOA recognizes that with essential financial knowledge,people are more empowered.

Thus, just like the conference heme states, more power to you!The seminar, “The Early Retirement Trend” aims to empower every attendee to the point where they know where they stand with their financial status so that they can gain knowledge and goals for themselves in terms of career advancement or to seek new opportunities.

Early retirement is more achievable than people think-due to the current economy and career trends. It is recognized that retirement requires careful planning, considering factors of success, adjusting goals, analyzing the impact on social security, looking at long-term healthcare needs, understanding options for assets in your qualifying employer retirement plan.

This seminar will provide clear and practical steps in reviewing retirement plans all the while maintaining a clear-eye focus on retirement goals and avoiding the pitfalls of over-reacting to market swings. Each attendee will gain the opportunity to sign up for an individualized investment personality assessment and for Goal Explorer