Exploring the Powers Within Ourselves

Keynote Speaker
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Abstract: This keynote presentation will enable each of us to explore the power within us and what it means to present the best version of ourselves to the world.

Summary: In this keynote presentation, we will be looking at the conference theme and discussing ways we can find the power that lies within ourselves. We will be looking at ways to get to know ourselves, what makes us tick, issues that are important to us, and our connections to those around us so we can then, in turn, present the best version of ourselves to the world. When we begin to do that, amazing things happen. We begin to solidify our support system and find out purpose. As we become clear on things that matter to ourselves, we start to flex our advocacy muscles by starting to speak out to ensure our needs are met and we strive to make our environment a better place. This can be applied to our personal and professional selves while staying true to ourselves. As we identify what is most important to us, can we truly focus on making these a priority and begin to effectively advocate for ourselves and others in that arena.