Video Expo Center

Abstract: A customizable platform that allows you to reap all the benefits of professionally executed video at a fraction of cost.

Summary: Rivet Logic Video Expo Center DEMO

Rivet Logic is pleased to present our Virtual Conferencing and Expo solution as a platform. Rivet logic’s Conferencing platform provides a robust virtual conference and live streaming capability that addresses all COVID 19 Challenges and includes event management, attendee management, audience analytics, moderation, virtual booths sponsorships, as well as other key elements such as customization capabilities, integration, vendor expos, and the ability to integrate with multiple payment systems.

Rivet Logic Video Expo Center allows you Elevate your events and reach the full potential of audience engagement anywhere, at any global scale.

Rivet Logic’s Virtual Conferencing & Expo Solution empowers event organizers to provide attendees with an amazing experience that is almost as impactful as any in-person event with powerful live streaming and on-demand capabilities, from any device.

Think Global

Eliminate physical barriers and broaden your audience to global scalability. Our solution allows attendees to join and pre-recorded sessions, no matter where they are.

Prepare for an Amazing Attendee Experience

Create engaging moments with extensive collaboration tools and provide attendees with the opportunity to meet directly with Vendors in private session rooms and Live Q&A.

Improve Effectiveness

You will have the ability to reutilize previous event configurations to boost your ability to create sessions in minutes.

Immediate Analytics

Review your results with real-time analytics from any device.


Rivet Logic’s Virtual Conferencing and Expo solution on AWS provides a customized solution that allows you to reap all the benefits of professionally executed video at a fraction of cost with open source, and cloud-based platforms.


We offer the highest quality, professional video content without interruptions, plus a configurable environment for crafting a unique experience for all types of events and use cases,

while enabling an easy and simple to use solution, that will not require you to have IT knowledge to manage.


Our solution allows your users to get access to real-time and VOD content with the highest quality at all times. Members around the world will be able to participate, join rooms, chat with virtual exhibitors, and enjoy an amazing virtual experience since the moment they join.

Our solution is built on top of the best cloud solutions, and live video streaming and media packaging capabilities which also powers sites like Netflix and Amazon Video Streaming services. These components will provide the capabilities to distribute the live conference with no latency and high-quality video delivery. Providing an outstanding experience for conference attendees and driving audience engagement is our focus.