Navigating the New Normal: Teaming with Interpreters in the virtual workplace and beyond

Abstract: Discuss best practices in teaming with an interpreter in the new “virtual” workspace and discuss survey findings.

Summary: How do you effectively team with an interpreter in the workplace to deliver professional results that let you shine as a Federal Employee? Add a layer of a pandemic as a game-changer. The new “virtual” workspace is now born. So, what best practices using interpreters at work have remained the same since March 2020, and what has changed? Mather will discuss the results and findings from the “Using a Sign Language Interpreter in the Virtual Workplace” survey, sharing Federal-wide best practices in using a sign language interpreter. The purpose of this presentation is to offer you some strategies to effectively present yourself as a professional overcoming any possible challenges using an interpreter through technology, transforming the virtual environment into a strength. She will also briefly discuss future considerations based on this “new normal” as we slowly recover from the pandemic.