Christin White


When it comes to food, I credit my mother, aunts, and grandmothers for my love of cooking. Growing up in Michigan, I’ve always enjoyed cooking “farm to table” dishes for my friends and family. Revolving around simplicity while entertaining others, I developed a strong interest in culinary and hospitality. Which eventually brought me to The Art Institute of Washington DC for a degree in Culinary Arts. In 2015, while volunteering as a student at The White House during the Holiday season; I fell even more in love with the world of pastry. Learning different techniques, styles, and methods really broadened my skills, as well as showed my eagerness of “there’s always room for improvement.” Hence, led me to landing a subcontractor job as a Pastry Chef. That is where I worked alongside the Executive Pastry Chef creating beautiful decorated cookies, to dishes and centerpieces for private events, Congressional BBQ, Holiday’s, State dinners, and The First Family.