Malibu Barron

Director of People Operations

National Deaf Therapy

Malibu Barron, the National Deaf Therapy’s newest Director of People Operations aka Human Resources, is a Deaf Multiracial Woman who is compassionate in dismantling oppressions and barriers in all forms, including Mental Health in DDBDDHHLD Communities of all intersectional identities. Malibu is also a trained counselor who worked with clients from toddlers to elders in different Deaf schools and in community non-profit organizations to provide nonjudgmental space to heal. Malibu also was the first Coordinator of Equity and Inclusion (CEI) and OMBUDSperson at Maryland School for the Deaf in 2016, then moving to Texas School for the Deaf as CEI. She is committed to hold space for all to process, heal, restore, and transform for everyone.