Min W Lee

Management and Program analyst

Department of Treasurer
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Mr. Min Woo Lee is a Management and Program Analyst for the Department of Treasury for a year. He is responsible for planning, analyzing, evaluating and/or improving the effectiveness of administrative operations and/or operating programs. Prior to Federal, He used to work as a Federal IT contractor for the non-profit private company for nearly three years. He learned about the development of IT fundamentals in a different area of the IT field and developed the business analysis fundamentals in order to build his skills.

How did he get a job in a federal agency? While working as a federal IT contract, he kept applying to different positions at federal agencies for about two years. He finally got an email from the Department of Treasury for a job interview for the Management and Program Analyst. He went for an interview and got a conditional job offered. It showed that he was being resilient, was able to set up boundaries between professional and personal experiences, and accepting feedback from peers and others helped him obtain his dream job. These experiences helped him become who he is today.