Robert McConnell

Telecommunications Accessibility Specialist

Federal Communication Commission

Robert McConnell is a Telecommunications Accessibility Specialist with the Federal Communication Commission’s Disability Rights Office, where he works on solving complex consumer issues and helps develop innovative strategies to achieve functional equivalency in telecommunications for people of all abilities. In his work at the FCC, he provides direction and input to help steer numerous programs and activities that impact telecommunications programs both within the Federal government and nationally. Robert also manages numerous internal process improvement projects at the FCC that help ensure and promote access for individuals with disabilities. Robert is a proud graduate of the Model Secondary School for the Deaf and Gallaudet University, both in Washington, DC. He presently lives in Jefferson, Maryland with his wife Rachel and his children Garrett and Juliana.

I'm Presenting

The FedRelay Transition

Technology and Accessibility Innovation
10:45 am - 11:30 am EST

The FedRelay Transition presentation will cover various phases of the Federal Relay Service transition, focusing on the services offered today, and how they will be offered post-transit...

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Robert McConnell